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Fill in the fields with your dog's information, and let such a ticket adorn his neck!


☝️ The dog's name is max. It can be 7 characters!  (Using accented Latin letters.)

A phone number can be found on the back of the ticket. (+36... in form) 

Shipping cost: free.

Delivery:   The order will be dispatched within 7 working days. The order will arrive within 2 working days of dispatch. Delivery is possible only in Hungary.


The tickets are made by hand, accordingly there are minor deviations, not necessarily straight lines. This makes each piece unique. 

It is worth knowing about yellow and red copper that the originally shiny surface gradually changes, from the initial matting it can even reach an anthracite color over time.


♥ With the purchase of each ticket, you support the work of the Retriever Rescue Breed Rescue Association with HUF 300 . As their dedicated supporter, I know that the donation goes to a place where it is really needed.

Copper dog ID tag No. 22

SKU: 22
    • 3 cm diameter
    • 50 g
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