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Fill in the fields with your dog's data!☝️ The dog's name is max. 7 characters! (Using Latin letters.)The phone number will be found on the back of the tag. ( in form of +36... )Shipping cost: based on the selected EU country.The order will be ready to ship within 7 work days. Delivery is possible only in the EU.Slight differences, not strictly straight lines, may occur. This makes each piece unique. :)It is worth knowing about copper that the originally shiny surface gradually changes, from the initial matte it can even reach an anthracite color over time.♥ With every purchase you help the work of the Retriever Rescue Breed Association with 1 EUR. As their dedicated supporter, we know that the donation goes to a place where it is really needed.

Copper dog ID tag No. 36

SKU: 36
    • 3 cm diameter
    • 50 g
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