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I'm Zsófi Vajai, a girl who has been fond of dogs and handmade things since childhood.
I love it when my dog runs up to me in the woods, up to her neck in mud, tongue hanging out - I think she's the happiest when that happens. I wanted to create something that expresses the freedom of dogs while also being useful for them. 
With these thoughts in mind, the idea of Dirty Paws was born.

An ID tag is essential for a dog's collar. It's simple and useful, but why can't it be beautiful too?
I am constantly improving myself so that I can make more and more beautiful tags for your four-legged friends.
I hope I can send one to your dog soon. :)


It took a lot of time, practice and patience to get all the necessary tools to make tags and to make the end result something I can be proud of. I didn't have a description guide or shopping list in my hand to know what I really needed and how to do it.  It was just the idea itself and a wonderful supportive environment around me. The learning process is long and endless - anyone who knows me knows that I really don't like this part. I want to jump straight to the part at the very beginning, when everything is going well. Dirty Paws is the result of lots of spoiled tags, finger snaps, minor and major failures, improvements and ideas. 


I would like every dog to be a REAL DOG. If only he could get the freedom he craves with his primal instincts. Be off leash a lot, explore new landscapes and terrains together, have shared experiences with the owner. Have the opportunity to unleash the instincts and absorb new, wild, forest smells.
I want to build a community of people who like to climb mountains with their dogs, sleep in tents, build fires, get muddy and dirty. I think these moments complete our lives and make the time spent together quality.


Zsófi & Latte

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